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How does decorating work?

We will come set up prior to your group arriving. We ask that you request early check in so we can go in before you come. It is totally ok if some of your group members are there while we set up. If you can not gain early check in we can come during a happy hour or dinner while your group is away. 

How do I pay?
We accept Venmo and Invoice. To book your date we require a 50% deposit and then the remaining balance is due 10 days out from your party. You are welcome to pay in full if that is easier

What does the process look like?
Once your services are booked, we will schedule a consultation call to ensure we are getting all of your considerations taken. From there, as we get closer to your party we will gain entry instructions for set up. 

How long does is take?
Set ups take around 45 minutes to 1 hour

How does fridge stock work?
Give us your grocery list and we will pick everything up and send a charge for the goods. We will run to the grocery store, bakery, and liquor store. 

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